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We never send the b-team.
Our team of top experts have years of experience.

About Us

We know our business.

Established in 1998, atomic Design consists of an integrated consulting team made up of professional software engineers, designers, project managers and marketers. With extensive experience designing, implementing, testing, and deploying applications from small start ups to Fortune 500 companies, we are able to use our experience to deliver software solutions that are robust in functionality while also extremely affordable.

We know your business.

Whether you’re looking for a fast, affordable solution to a business problem, need to add functionality to an existing site or want a solid foundational application upon which to build a more extensive or business-specific application, we start every project by listening. Once we’ve gained a clear understanding of what you and your customers need, we develop a clear plan that ensures great results for you and a great experience for your customers.

See what happens when you truly listen to your customers.

We’re the perfect size.

We're big enough to undertake the largest project any of our clients can contemplate, yet small enough to always stay responsive and open to ideas.

We’re ready to add value.

In addition to top level consulting services, atomic Design offers a variety of ready-made applications that allow you to quickly and easily add a survey to your web site.

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What we do:

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